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KPU Sumut and JPPR Disseminated Information About How to Vote and Count Votes

KPU – Pemilu 2014
KPU of North Sumatra Province, along with North Sumatra JPPR, held the dissemination on How to Vote and Count the Votes in the Hall of KPU North Sumatra Province (7/4). The dissemination on How to Vote and Count the Votes was delivered to approximately 30 representatives from the first-time voters, minority groups, and women groups who came from various sections of society in the city of Medan.
A representative of KPU North Sumatra, Benget Silitonga, delivered the way to vote and count the votes at polling stations. He also socialized a variety of things that can show up at the polling stations, like the damaged ballots and voters who do not have a C6 form, but have the ID card or family card. The dissemination done was accented with simulated voting and vote counting.
Program Officer of JPPR North Sumatra, Zefrizal, accompanied by Voter Education Expert, Winda, and the administrator of JPPR North Sumatra, May Angkat, asserted that the dissemination on the election procedures, including the vote counting, must be done, especially to the first-time voters, minority groups, and women.
“Our expectation to the participants attended the dissemination event is that they are not only a participant, but also, at the same time, contribute to be volunteer to pass on information on the vote counting at polling stations. We hope that they invite the society to exert right to vote,” Zefrizal said.
Zefrizal added that although the polling day is getting closer, the dissemination on the importance of the election remains to be implemented, especially to women, first-time voters, and minority groups. [Jam]
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