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JPPR Elections Invite Public to Monitor Online

JPPR Elections Invite Public to Monitor Online
For the People’s Voter Education Network ( JPPR ) makes the site so that the public can monitor the stages of the 2014 election . Model -based monitoring of information technology and social media . Hopefully, this site can play a role in encouraging free and fair elections . This was raised in the ” Publications and Election Monitoring in Bakoel Kofie Launching Cikini , Jakarta ( 3 / 04 ) .
Page expected to meet the needs of users to the Internet and social media can be easy and fun involved in monitoring the 2014 election .
National Coordinator JPPR , Afifuddin said , people need to and should participate in monitoring the course of the 2014 election . To that end , this page contains some full menu , including community participation in the elections , the 2014 election information , training and interaction .
Additionally , this page provides monitoring and reporting feature that allows people to send field data via email , social media , or fuel .
” Through this page , we hope Bawaslu ( Election Supervisory Board ) and his staff to PPL ( Field Supervisory Committee ) to conduct serious oversight of each stage of the election , as well as the public directly supervised in the field , ” please Afif . [ Fauziah ]

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